Let’s get down to the serious business of trend forecasting. Yes, the bling does make it a tad difficult to peer into the fabulous fashion future, and yes, we could just look at last month’s shows to see what will be painfully fashionable in a few months time, but where’s the fun in that? Also, since looking back to the shows tells us that 1970s floral psychedelia will be everywhere, we prefer to adopt a position of ignorance. Note to the world: skin-tight flares are no more flattering than skin-tight jeans, unless your thighs are the width of a broom handle.

However, in order to ensure that you don’t inadvertently commit some heinous style error that will live eternally on our consciences, here are 10 predictions for 2020. Any fines you incur from the fashion police are therefore entirely your own responsibility, and FS accepts no liability for the unworn capes, 50s wasp-waist dresses and pencil skirts feeding the moths in your wardrobe. Fashion is a fickle beast and you must run FAST in your nine-inch stiletto heels to keep up.